The Best Dating Profile for Men

The Best Dating Profile for Men: Storytelling Continued


If you have followed any of our previous posts you will recognize or story of Paul’s quest to create the best dating profile. The last post showed examples of how to add some spice to your profile and take it from boring to interesting. We did this by taking the common method of listing adjectives (I’m fun, caring, and kind) and showing them with a story.

Now that we showed you how to talk about things, it might be worth telling you what to talk about.

Don’t get the wrong impression. We are not trying to tell you that all of your interests are boring, or that you absolutely have to ditch your stamp collection and volunteer for a political campaign or something. Rather, we are going to give you the freedom to talk about almost anything you want but frame it in the best way.

You will notice that this post is directed at men. Men make up the majority of online daters and it is very competitive out there. We are going to show you how to frame your interests with a story that pulls on the heart strings of women and produce the best dating profile.

As a man you will find much more success if you find which area your interests most easily fall under. There are specific themes that really catch the attention of women quite well. these include:

  • Confidence
  • Sense of Adventure
  • Strength
  • Respectfulness / Ethics
  • Art / Style
  • Assertiveness

If you can find what category you might fit into best and write a “story” based on it. You are off to a good start. Let’s look at an example.

Here is a boring, “list style” profile from a man:

  • I moved here in August. I am currently looking for a job so wish me luck. I don’t know what this area has to offer and I’m still looking for fun things to do out here. I’d like to find a good, beautiful woman who can help show me around town.

Hmmm, does this guy sound like a good date at all? Lets fix this profile by turning it into a story based on the theme of Adventure:

  • Inspired by Tom Petty I’ve recently spread my wings and headed off into the “great wide open”. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run out of fuel at Mt. Rushmore with a hitchhiker in your car (C’mon, you know you’ve wondered), I might be able to tell you about it over drinks. Though I’m still settling in here I’d like to know some nearby places that would make for a fun road trip…

This same “undateable” man is now quite a bit more interesting with just a few simple tweaks. Take a look at your interests and see if you can find a recurring theme for your personality type.

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