Does OK Cupid have the Best Dating Site?

Have You Ever Wondered if OK Cupid is the Dating Site For You?

There are so many dating site out there these days that it may be ok cupid computeroverwhelming if you are just beginning to think about venturing into it. Where do you even start? Well it is important to know what you want from your dating service and of course that means you have to know what you want in your dating life.

If you have considered OK Cupid but don’t know what sets it apart from the rest of the quality dating sites out there lets cover the basics first:

OK Cupid is a free service. You don’t have to pay, although they do have certain “upgrade features” that might require a small fee. This includes things like changing your screen name – but otherwise, you can use the service free with no worries.

Ok Cupid allows for “openness” in terms of selections in various fields. I realize that is a vague sentence so let me explain: rather than just choosing “I’m looking for long-term dating”, you are able to select “I am looking for long-term dating, short-term dating, and friends”. It also allows you to get creative with answers. Rather than just “I don’t believe in astrology” you can put “I don’t believe in astrology but it is fun to think about. This also allows you to show off a sarcastic sense of humor with your answers – but don’t take it too far, sarcasm doesn’t always translate well online.

OK Cupid tends to draw a much younger demographic than Match, or eHarmony. It also has a larger demographic of casual, polyamorous, and otherwise “non-traditional” (maybe not the perfect word) daters.

It is common for young professionals who have moved to a new city/region to start their career, or are otherwise traveling to use the site to remain socially active. It is also not uncommon for couples to have accounts that enable them to meet other couples to socialize with.

Overall, OK Cupid is much more “social” than intimate, and is far less “traditional” than some of the other major dating sites. If you are a more “traditional” person in terms of your romantic life, there are better sites for you – but this is still an acceptable option.

Lets recap the pros and cons of using OK Cupid. You decide whether or not it has the best dating profile.


  • Free!
  • Great for socializing,
  • Great for a young demographic,
  • Great for the recently relocated,
  • Great for casual and “non-traditional” daters,
  • Ok for traditional daters,
  • Sends emails for when an “exceptional match” has viewed your profile.
  • Offers lots of options and features,
  • Has a quality site that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.


  • No cost means there is no barrier to entry and thus doesn’t filter out non-serious or “time-wasting” daters.
  • Though acceptable, it is not the greatest site for traditional or super serious daters.
  • Sends emails often reminding you to check back in.
  • Not as accessible to older daters.

There you have it. It you think that OK Cupid might be right for you, go check it out. It doesn’t take long to set up a great profile – after you’ve read how to do that here of course!