How to Write an Icebreaker Message: What NOT to Do

In our last post we talked about an idea on how to write better icebreaker messages.

This post will cover something that would seem obvious but surprisingly that isn’t always the case. This post is about what NOT to do when writing your icebreaker message. Don’t worry, we won’t keep this entirely negative. We will also cover the alternatives that fall under the “DO” category.

Without further ado…

DON’T use internet slang language. Words like “gr8”, “gurl”, “ur”(for “you are” in case you couldn’t tell), are words to absolutely stay away from when writing your icebreaker messages. Using words like the above make you (not “u”) come across as ignorant, or just as bad, lazy.

DO use proper grammar. Not knowing the difference between “there, their, and they’re” can actually be an complete deal breaker for many people. Other common offenders include “it vs. it’s” and “your vs. you’re”. Not knowing something as simple as how to use an apostrophe properly could lead your date to think you don’t know how to do other things properly. Proofread your messages to avoid missed connections.

DON’T over emphasize looks. This is a common error men make. A beautiful woman catches many eyes and attracts plenty of messages that tell her she is “sexy” or “beautiful“. She has taken the time to write a profile to try to show off her personality and interests, and you are complimenting her on her genetics – which she obviously doesn’t control.

DO be honest. Although the last part is important don’t take it too far. You should never be ashamed to tell the truth and if a person’s looks do catch your eye you can say so tactfully. However, it is often a good rule of thumb to comment on things that connect with a person’s personality and emotions. You can combine mentioning attractiveness with something that also lets them know you appreciate their personality – “You rock that western cut shirt in your profile picture. It’s pretty cool that you have enough style to pull off something retro like that”. icebreaker message online dating

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