Dating Profile Problems: Adjectives

Recognizing Dating Profile Problems: Adjectives

Creating the best dating profile isn’t all that difficult. Perhaps the most difficult thing is refraining from doing the obvious. Millions of people are doing online dating, and millions of people are making the same (painfully) obvious mistakes. We want to help you avoid these basic dating profile problems. Since this is about stories, our story about Paul and Daisy will be continued below.

Daisy’s dating profile is an example of a profile style millions of women use… and it is not good.

  • Well, I really HATE talking about myself but I’ll try. I’m fun, quirky, compassionate and down to earth. I have two dogs and I love to take them on walks. I work as a women’s hairstylist. After my last boyfriend I have learned what I don’t want from relationships. This means that if you are a mommas boy, or only interested in sex don’t bother messaging me. I want a man who is kind, genuine and has a job… etc.

Does this look familiar? If you can’t see what’s wrong with the above dating profile maybe looking at some of the messages Daisy received from men who read this will help you out:

  • “Hi, hey I saw that you were really sexy. I also like to walk dogs”
  • “Hi, so you are a hairstylist? Do you think I would look good with a spiked hair?”
  • “Hey there, I saw that you are looking for a quality guy who is kind and genuine. I am definitely a man who really respects women so I’d like to get to know you.”

Okay, those messages aren’t anywhere near as bad as the ones some women receive but even if all of those guys are winners can you see the overall theme of their messages? The are all boring. Yes, it is the man’s fault for not being able to think of something better to write, but what do they have to work with?

Most men who read through Daisy’s profile and decide to message her aren’t left with much to work with. Yes, she has information but it is really just a bunch of adjectives. Replying to this with a good message is like trying to write a poem using information in a business spreadsheet. This is why Daisy hardly receives any messages that deviate from the standard: “I like quirky, passionate women – lets meet up”.

Paul has a similar issue. Lets take a look at his (and every other man’s) dating profile:

  • Hi, I like to work on my car, walk my dogs and go to the gym when I’m not at work. I work at a bank and I process loan information and sometimes get to assist the regional manager on certain projects. My friends think that I am funny, smart and loyal. I am looking for a woman who is kind, loving, likes sports…. yada, yada, yada.

Judging strictly by what is written above we can figure that Paul might be a pretty nice guy and overall decent person. We can also tell that he is boring and few women would be swept off their feet by this dating profile. It reads like a grocery list.



Keep reading to see how we fix the common dating profile problems for Paul and Daisy.


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