Create The Best Dating Profile (Start Here)



Let me tell you a couple of stories. These should demonstrate the importance of knowing what it takes to create the best dating profile possible. If you want to get dates, you probably wish you would have already known this stuff a while ago. The thing that counts is that you are here now, so lets get to it.

Paul decided that with his busy schedule he could turn to the internet as a way to meet a quality woman. He figured: “Oh, I can type up a little bit about me, post a picture, and check my inbox on my lunch break to see how many dates I will have for the week…”. How do you think Paul fared with this approach?

You can probably guess how he felt after a couple of days of no women clicking on his profile even once. He definitely doesn’t have the best dating profile, but lets talk more about Paul later.

Daisy decided that since she is a women’s hairstylist and doesn’t get to meet many men at work, she would put up an online profile. She gave dating a break after splitting from her last boyfriend but has decided she is ready to test the singles scene out once again. One of Daisy’s friends told her about a free dating site so she signed up. She had trouble thinking of what to write in her profile but after much consideration she had an idea.

“I bet if I list out the qualities I don’t want in a man that will help screen out the ‘undesirables’ and lead me to the quality man that I want”.

No drama. No momma’s boys. A man who is willing to take things slow. The list goes on.

Needless to say, Daisy is a bit frustrated how the next two dates she lands are with guys that only see her as an object and still live with their parents. She begins to think that her friends weren’t telling the truth about all the great relationships that they’ve seen start online.

This site is all about how to optimize your online dating experience and improve your love life by creating the best online profile. Before you start reading around on this site it is important to know a few things.

This site isn’t going to magically move you out of your parents basement or help you loose 10 pounds for your profile photo. You are still responsible for yourself. You are the one doing the attracting. Honestly, would you want it any other way?

What we want to show you at The Best Dating Profile are better ways of communicating your strengths and most attractive qualities. Essentially this is a site on improving your communication because ultimately, that is the foundation to great relationships and social experiences.

To follow Paul and Daisy’s progress on creating the best dating profile possible keep reading. The next posts will be on helping Paul (and all men) improve how they communicate their desirable traits to women.


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