Best Dating Profile: The Rules of Attraction

The Secret To The Best Dating Profile



When it comes to online dating there is one secret that can drastically improve the results you have. If you are looking to meet wonderful, beautiful people who are compatible to you listen closely. This isn’t even necessarily about crafting the best dating profile. It is not about the perfect lighting for your photograph. It isn’t about sending the perfect message. These things are all necessary but the secret is that they are SECONDARY.

The secret to online dating (and dating in general) is to be a genuinely attractive person. SURPRISE! If you are a unemployed couch-potato with no hobbies and few friends, do you think you will be able to have much success with online dating? Chances are this person’s mindset would lead them to write a profile that radiates desperation and negativity. Even if they did write a stellar profile description, things would not turn out well once they actually met up with their date.

Meeting real people in real life is still the best way to be social and interactive. This will never change. This doesn’t mean that online dating is a bad thing. Online dating is a great tool when used correctly. Using online dating correctly means using it as a SUPPLEMENT to your dating/social life.

When you have your life straightened out your online dating profile will reflect this. This is called the “why”. Having your “why” sorted out will take care of all the “how’s” and “what’s”. These “how’s” and “what’s” are what most people use when they write their dating profile. These “how’s” and “what’s” are also extremely boring. The result is a dating profile that reads like a grocery list, or worse yet, a technical manual.

Instead of saying that you are “fun, caring, and driven” (the “what”), give examples that show both “how” you manifest these qualities and “why” you have them in the first place.

When people know not just the “what” and “how” but also the “WHY” behind what makes you tick, attraction builds. This is a key to knowing yourself better which results in that newly found self meeting great people and having great relationships.

Once you know the “why” behind who you are and what you want stick true to that. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that they should appeal to everybody. This is false. Being clearly defined and having strong boundaries will automatically reduce the people you have to select from and this scares many people. This should actually be what you are looking to achieve.

Knowing what you want makes the screening process more effective and it also makes you more polarizing. These two things are absolutely vital when it comes to attraction and finding a quality match. The reality is dating itself should be a screening process. There are people that you do want to be with and people that you don’t want to be with. Knowing what you want and why you want it helps you screen out those you don’t want to be in a relationship with for those that you do. The more sure you are of what you want the quicker this process will happen.

Being polarizing is also important. Unfortunately, it is also something that many of you might be afraid of. You might think that this is something you don’t want to be. Let me explain why it is important. For every person who is turned off by who you are, there is another person equally turned on by you. Would you rather have to select from 10 people who are infatuated with you and 10 people who despise you, or 20 people who hardly realize you exist? You can’t be everything to everybody, so don’t bother trying.

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